Level Sensor

Level Sensor

A generic sensor node developed for 10 years of measurements without recharging

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At Bagaar we developed a solution that offers remote level monitoring. For this application we designed a generic sensor node and a cloud-based platform. The sensor node can be applied in any place where level sensing is crucial for security reasons.

For instance, the sensor could be used to monitor water levels in sewers, basins or monitor container capacity. When full, the nodes will send an alert so they can be emptied at the right moment.

For stock management, all containers or silos could be accommodated with a sensor node alerting when they are nearly empty and triggering automatic stock refill.

The Sensor Node

The sensor node is available with the latest sub-GHz communication, which makes it possible for it to be battery powered. The option that comes with high capacity primary cells assures a long lifespan with measurements up to 10 years, while the option with secondary cells and photovoltaic panels is the best option where sensors are close to the outdoors.

The hardware was especially designed as a long lasting device with state of the art components. The specific form of the casing makes it a very solid and sturdy product with many options for fixation and placement in any situation.

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Extremely long battery life depending on connection intervals

2 year
6 year
10 year
20 year

Cloud-Based Platform

A cloud-based platform gives users access to their data in real-time. Onto this platform we design a custom made interface tailored to the specific needs of the end-user depending on the industry and situation in which it will be used. A wide range of tools can be integrated, for example: notifications, route calculations, alerts, daily reports, statistics overview, etc...

Client Specific Design

At Bagaar we are always in search for solutions and opportunities, no matter how big or small the problems or obstacles may be. The sensor node came to light as we approached several companies, operating within a different business sector, but all with the same type of problem. We have a user-centric design approach. While we made the device itself as generic as possible, we can propose our clients a specific design.

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