Smart saving


The energy market is going through a transition from centralised to decentralised & sustainable energy systems. The cost of sustainable energy production is decreasing at an incredibly fast pace while the adoption of locally produced and sustainable energy is increasing.


June wants to accelerate the energy transition through engagement with the end consumer, creating products & services adressing their needs while improving the way the current energy system works. The goal is to prepare the market for a 100% sustainable energy market, without leaving
 anybody behind.


June constantly looks for the best market prices and automatically switches you between energy suppliers. Based on your personal preferences and consumption June advises on the smartest investments to improve your home energy management while saving you money on your energy tariff and your home energy management.


June consists of meter reading hardware and a software platform, both developed by Bagaar.


  • Meter reading device (patent pending) which optically reads any analogue energy meter and sends the data to the cloud
  • Communication device which communicates between the meter reading device and the June platform

Software, online platform
  • Benchmarks of consumption between June community members, people like you and your friends
  • Visualisation of your energy savings per day, week 
and month

  • Boplan

  • Level Sensor