3D configuration tools for the mattress fabric industry

Being a worldwide important player in the bedding textile industry, DesleeClama (now BekaertDeslee) needed to lift its digital reach to the same level. They were on the lookout for state-of-the-art technologies to help translate their heritage and stock into the next century. DesleeClama came to us with a huge amount of expertise that needed to be digitized urgently in order to stay competitive and efficient.

Phase 1

IDC iPad App

The first thing we did for DesleeClama was replace the traditional, limited sample suitcase with an endless digital suitcase, the IDC App. This app is built around a 3D configurator that allows salespeople to configure a chosen product within the available customization constraints and to send out their design proposals, quotes and highly realistic images to their customers, as a simple image or as an online interactive 3D presentation. We made it possible for the sales associates to live render 16,000 qualities and over 1,000 fabric designs in 3D on all different mattress types.

DesleeClama DesleeClama
Phase 2

Browser based cloud version

Next, we took it one step further. For DesleeClama's clients, the mattress builders, we developed a browser based cloud version of our app that allows clients to manage their own samples, be updated about the latest designs and to share 3D proposals with their customers.

Every stage can be linked to ERP, the CRM system and even to production. It offers real-time monitoring of user, usage, designs and trends. The 3D configurator is fully scalable: It can handle an unlimited amount of content, clients or consumers.

  • DesleeClama
  • DesleeClama
Phase 3

3D designer software

To scale up the 3D configurator service for DesleeClama, we developed the 3D designer software that allows you to build any kind of mattress, on demand. This cloud-based designer software revolutionized DesleeClama’s design and development process. It involves and facilitates the work of designers, salespeople and clients and is an added value to the whole supply chain. With the software, designers can create new products, which later can also be customized by other users. It guides and helps designers keep every creation within production boundaries.

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Each design is subject to machines, production processes and various supply specifications. This close link between the creation and production process ensures that every design is verified and that its production is feasible. The major goal is to generate and to guarantee efficiency during the design and development phase and to gain more insight in users and usage for the overall business strategy of DesleeClama. With these 3 unique tools they can connect, monitor and serve all key persons in their business.

  • Siemens Avenio Configurator

  • CanDrop