We are looking for

  • Electronics Engineer

  • Creative Business Developer

  • Front-end Developer

  • Project Manager / Product Owner

  • Scrum Master

  • Internship

  • We’re currently looking for a talented electronics engineer.

    Someone that is passionate about working with electronics. From choosing the components, to schematic designs, lay-out and assembly & testing it feels like your calling.

    Idealy you would have some expertise in embedded development. You will get time to expand your code knowledge & skills on the job and you should like the sound of that.

    When it comes to your own work, you can analyze it critically and gain good insights. You are well organised and independent and a born problem solver.

    The projects you follow up will be cross-stage, from the initial ideation phase through prototyping, proof of pilot and preparing for production. Your days will be filled with outlining spec’s schematic design, PCB lay-out, assembly and a lot of testing of proof of concepts and prototypes, coding and testing related software.


    mailto: jobs@bagaar.be

  • We are looking for an Experienced Business Developer who is a digital enthusiast. You will actively look for Digital Transformation and Internet of Things opportunities with new clients by inspiring, guiding and indicating the value of such developments.

    Job description:

    You will be in charge of prospection and proactive lead generation. Your persuasion and enthusiasm will open doors to potential clients. You know how to entice them to start a project with Bagaar. You inspire the client with innovative digital concepts. You are open-minded and straightforward, an innovator and have a quick understanding of how the clients’ businesses work.

    Your networking skills have to blow us away. You are a mature senior profile, with at least 6+ years of relevant experience. As a digital native you are autonomous, an autodidact and tech-savvy to say the least.

    You are convinced digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are the future and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world!


    Digital native & Innovator
    Ability to enthuse with digital ideas.
    At least 6 years experience in a similar role
    Experience in negotiating complex deals
    Excellent communication & negotiation skills
    A positive attitude & plenty of initiative
    The ability to prioritize
    Self-motivation and the ability to work both individually and as a team player
    Energy, focus and the will to achieve
    The highest professional standards
    You’re an assertive closer, you seal the deal

    Apply for an interview by email ( jobs@bagaar.be )

  • We are looking for an experienced Front-End developer to join our team.

    You are familiar with everything agile and SCRUM and have a never-ending curiosity for new technologies and methods. A challenge is never too big and you take it up with enthusiasm and an eye for detail. You can work independently and take pride in your code, it’s clean and structured. At our monthly DEVCONS you can present and exchange ideas with your colleagues and in collaboration with Design you actively shape all products that leave the building.

    We expect more or less the following:

    Experience with:

    •  GIT (GIT flow)
    •  Vue, Ember or React Native
    •  Task runners and/or module bundlers
    •  SCSS
    •  HTML5
    •  Responsive web-design
    •  ES6
    • - NPM

    Basic knowledge of:
    •  Cucumber or other test suites
    •  Laravel 
    •  Sketch
    •  PHP


    mailto: jobs@bagaar.be 

  • We’re recruiting a Project Manager/Product Owner

    Job description:

    You are responsible for the day to day running of a project, communicating with our clients, organizing the team and generally keeping the project on track.

    You work with a variety of different profiles; a scrum master, designers, product developers, software developers, sales, clients, key management, … and you can build sustainable relationships with all of them.

    You manage the entire project from A to Z. This means you're involved from the pre-sale phase on, throughout the delivery and aftercare of your projects and hold final responsibility.

    You master the planning of the different projects & are responsible for efficiently allocating all company resources fit for the job. You pilot every team member through the different phases of a project and make sure everything gets done within the agreed timeframe and budget.

    You will be capable of handling several projects at the same time without losing perspective and you are definitely not scared to take initiative. Your passion lies in the search for efficient, innovative, digital solutions for the client.

    You have strong oral and written communication skills and are known to be a practical problem solver. You are goal-oriented and diplomatic, have good people-skills and know how to negotiate.


    mailto: jobs@bagaar.be

  • We’re looking for:
    A scrum master whose passion lies in the development of efficient, innovative, digital solutions for the client. He/she will work closely together with the Product Owner on the one hand, and the design & development team on the other.

    What we want from you:

    • Structure and planning, but at the same flexibility to change everything lastminute
    • Know how to make good estimates and always keep an eye on the agreed budget & timing;
    • You are a multi-tasker with a getting-things-done-mindset
    • See every new project as an opportunity to do a better job than before;
    • Continue to look for optimisation of our internal development process;
    • You are goal oriented and you can meet deadlines in high-pressure situations without allowing quality to be sacrificed;
    • A background in Development and a very good knowledge of technology.
    • Being dynamic and knowing how to motivate a team to aim for top quality and performance;
    • A thorough knowledge of & experience with SCRUM 
    • Make a perfect tandem with the product owner
    • Experience with Jira is a plus, not a must.
    • Be prepared to manage multiple projects together
    • Go from standup to standup, Scrum board to Scrum board, backlog to backlog, … and keep an overview
    • Create an environment / methodology that is scalable so new colleagues can start quickly
    • As a team player you have the ability to lead day-to-day project activity.


    mailto: jobs@bagaar.be

  • We have the policy to host trainees and we‘re constantly looking for 2D, 3D and motion designers or frontend and backend developers. Job descriptions depend on the maturity and the experience of the trainees and are discussed case by case. If you are interested in a traineeship at our company, please send your resume and motivation letter to jobs@bagaar.be.