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  • To brainstorm or not to brainstorm? 8 min read

    To brainstorm or not to brainstorm?

    Brainstorms can be used to look for new ideas in the world of digital innovations, new products and services, new business models or just any challenge a company or even a person is facing.

  •  The joy of digitizing: rainwater 5 min read

    The joy of digitizing: rainwater

    Translating analog events in digital figures can be helpful to comprehend products and systems. Smart products usually bring insights both on a consumer level and on a product level. This time we focused to get a rainwater drainage system validated by collecting data during the biggest test set-up in Europe.

  • How (not) listening to customers leads to disruption 2 min read

    How (not) listening to customers leads to disruption

    Disruption is a hot topic in business. CEO's, managers and employees are expected to avoid disruption. Companies are even thinking about how they could disrupt themselves just to avoid being disrupted by anybody else. But is it actually a good idea to try to be disruptive or to pursue disruption itself?

  • Blockchain, an introduction. 10 min read

    Blockchain, an introduction.

    In the previous post about the characteristics of Digital Technology I stated that specific technological developments were going to infuse the next big paradigm shift, following the one we had when the Internet came into our lives. More specifically I'm talking about Blockchain. And Blockchain might just rock your world in the next decade, so focus!

  • Getting to know the character of Digital Technology 11 min read

    Getting to know the character of Digital Technology

    How developers will take over the world and why you should probably try to keep up with them! In this post I will talk about how digital technology could lower your footprint, put bad banks out of work and possibly increase the social impact of businesses.

  • Why profit should NOT be the goal of a company. 7 min read

    Why profit should NOT be the goal of a company.

    The past 50 years stores, companies and businesses scaled immensely. Lacking the appropriate tools we lost connection with our customers and their needs during that scaling process. Unfortunately this resulted in lots of businesses losing sight of the reason of their existence: addressing customers’ needs, resulting in profits. So many companies got it upside-down and believe the reason of their existence is making profit, and therefore they try to address customer needs.

  • An introduction into Artificial Intelligence. 9 min read

    An introduction into Artificial Intelligence.

    Will robots with giants brains be dancing on our corpses by 2050? Will our smartphones take over our jobs and steal our girlfriends? Will drones take over space and conquer other planets? These and many other very relevant questions about Artificial Intelligence finally answered.

  • What about my business? 15 min read

    What about my business?

    Last week we looked at the impact of digitization and introduced the 4th industrial revolution in humanity on a more meta-level. For this second episode we give you an introduction into the transformation of the way we do business and how the organizational landscape is changing rapidly as a consequence of this 4th revolution.

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